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Games: this is what awaits us

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br> Intended for those looking for something truly original beyond the usual 3D shooter, the game, set in the unreal and suggestive world of Heavvy Metal that many readers will remember for being one of the most successful adult cartoons years ago . Heavvy Metal 2: F.A.K.K. allows players to immerse themselves in a universe populated by strange characters, friends and enemies, accurately rendered by the Quake 3 graphic engine. Fog in 3D, rain, transition between night and day, fire and smoke, are just some of the effects that come supported by the ID game engine. In addition to this, Ritual, who developed the title, used proprietary technology to create extremely realistic textures on objects and a profound interaction with the characters and the surrounding world. The characters use the objects and the story changes to the player's choices. The aim of the game is achieved by fighting with a sword and a firearm that combine for devastating effects on enemies. But the main character, a woman named Julie Strain, is controlled in the third person (as happens with the Lara Croft of Tomb Raider or the protagonist of Oni), she must also be able to get by in some situations looking for different solutions. For this Heavvy Metal F.A.K.K. is considered a hybrid between a fighting game and an adventure.

The saga of the titles set in worlds if not equally unreal, equally disturbing, does not open and does not end only with F.A.K.K. In fact, a series of crepuscular and truculent games are boiling in the pot, of which the progenitor Nocturne .

Defined by someone as an X-Files set in the 30s, the title being developed by Terminal Reality. Wandering among crypt cemeteries, abandoned villages the two protagonists will have to do with wolf men, vampires and vampiresses, zombies and putrescent bodies of the most varied made and species. The player controls the characters (animated with "skeleton" technology, that is modeled according to the real human anatomy) in the third person, the real 3D environment with fog and volumetric lights. The aim of the game, which should not be hesitated to define "gothic", to go through 4 different levels that coincide with 4 different environments (from a ghost town of the West to the abyss of hell), to find the key to the tangle of mysteries and interact, with dialogue or with weapons, with the characters that meet in the course of history. Nocturne has been a huge success in the PC environment when it was released last November (not by chance in the days of Holloween) so much that it also pushed CNN to deal with the "case" .

Expected at least as much as Nocturne Summoner , another of the now inevitable third-person games in the middle between an adventure game and a fighting game. In this case, in the face of a game that still has extraordinary graphic characteristics, the most attractive element is the complexity of the story that immerses the player in a medieval world spurred by magic and demons. In the role of a sorcerer with magical powers, according to several classics canons of the RPG, the user will be responsible for guiding the protagonist out of the dangers and accomplishing his mission. The release date of both Nocturne and Summoner has not yet been officially declared even if the producers hypothesize a window of time that goes from July to the beginning of the autumn.

Alongside these, some more traditional titles have also been announced as real colossal Alien vs Predator . Presented some time ago by Fox and given how under development had been lost months ago. Now, after a long period of silence, the developer has made it known that he is well under way, so much so that there are only a few tweaks to the online game and he will be declared in beta. Alien vs Predator is very interesting for the quality of the 3D environment and for the effects of light as well as for a construction that makes it long-lived, allowing you to impersonate, by choice, apart from the two monsters that so much popularity have received in the cinema or that of a human being fighting against them. The wait should therefore not be disappointed also because Logicware has also made it known that the Mac version will have features and levels not available on the PC version

It should also appear before the summer Diablo II . The sequel to Blizzard's hit RPG has been entirely redesigned in 3D and is now based on hardware acceleration. Volumetric lights, transparency effects, new characters are some of the main features. Still Blizzard, but this time the news not yet official, would intend to propose for Mac the erotic episode of Warcraft t (probably based on the engine of the same Diablo II). Even in the strange world that opposed orcs and humans, 3D acceleration and special effects. Still talking about tradition on site and first-person games, we remember that there are two games on the site based on the proven Quake II engine: it is Heretic II and of Daikatana, the latter creation of one of the two fathers of Doom (the other Carmak, now working for ID on the Quake series).

Another game that announces itself as a block buster, this time of the large series that mixes RPG, first person and adventure, c ’ Deus Ex while fans of the Star Trek series will tremble to get their hands on Voyager: Elite Force. .

Then there are a series of games that a certain Mac development was started but of which we lost track. Zork Grand Inquisitor , for example. The umpteenth title of the saga that should revive the ironic and surreal spirit of the first times, would have ended (and for several weeks) but also waiting for someone (Activision or Sierra?) To decide to release it. Of Interstate 76 instead, one of the very rare games with car races (even if here it is a sui generis car race, given that it is set in the desert with machines more similar to those of Mad Max than to real quattroruote), not known practically anymore nothing. It was to be presented in the fall but the latest news reports date from the summer.

Finally, the two most anticipated games of the last few months: Oni and Halo, both from Bungie. The first that, we remember it, the first manga-style Mac game, had to be presented before Christmas. Then a series of successive postponements of which the last seems to postpone the release even to the end of May. It is not clear what happened in Bugie, usually very punctual in respecting the fixed dates even if some voices speak of difficulties with the engine for the multiplayer. What is certain is that now the risk that the game, built almost entirely using new technologies and realizing levels, even with a CAD program, is released already aged.

Different for Halo. On the third-person game that should revolutionize the playful landscape, Bungie never said much, much less specified release dates. The very few details that have been learned have been learned in a piecemeal manner and suggest that until July / August no one should get in the way of strange ideas and think they can get their hands on it.