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Games and toys arriving in the app to chat

Games and toys arriving in the app to chat

The American PlayPhone has developed a plugin that transforms apps like Whatsapp, Line and WeChat into social networks dedicated to mobile gaming

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Barcelona – You know the hundreds of invitations What do you get every day on Facebook for games like Candy Crush Saga or Farmville? Soon these insistent requests could invade your instant messaging apps. The simple reason: PlayPhone, a leading US company in the mobile gaming sector, has developed a plugin capable of connect their video game platform to messaging services.

For now the service only works with the Tango app, but in 2014 PlayPhone intends to make agreements with large and small, local and international services, so as to extend the player base as much as possible. For sure there will be no WhatsApp, more so after the purchase by Facebook."We looked around and thought: mobile gaming is strong, instant messaging even more ",Anders Evju, PlayPhone Chief Marketing Officer explained to The next natural step: finding a connection point between the two"Currently we occupy exactly this intermediate space".

The system it works like this: through your favorite messaging app you can invite friends for a game. If accepted, they are immediately sent to the PlayPhone platform, where a tap is enough to download the chosen game. The first to benefit from this mechanism are the operators: since PlayPhone specializes in "direct billing", ie the purchase of apps through telephone credit, the different carriers directly collect the money spent by the users, without taking into account percentages or other expenses that the stores like those Android and iOS would involve.

But also for users the advantages are not lacking: thanks to an agreement between PlayPhone, Verizon, Sprint, and other operators, players will receive a certain amount of virtual money each month, which can be used both to make in-app purchases and to extend services such as conversation minutes or megabytes of Internet data. And thanks to a system of "achievements" in full Xbox or PlayStation style, the most hardened players can easily earn, for free, other virtual tokens.


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