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Gameprom brings HD pinballs to iPad and Mac OS X

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The name Gameprom associated with high quality digital pinballs made for iPhone and touch: now the developer announces the next versions created for Mac OS X and also for iPad. On the Apple computers it will be possible to purchase a single program to play a collection of all three Gameprom pinballs: Wild West Pinball with Indians and gunslingers, The Deep Pinball set in the depths of the sea and Jungle Style Pinball with a game board immersed in the forest.

For the Mac version, the developers have completely redesigned the pinball tables to build models that are ever more faithful to reality. All this will be rendered with the very fast 3D graphics that also distinguish the titles for iPhone and touch, obviously on Mac and iPad the pinballs are displayed at a higher resolution. Among the many features we mention the accuracy of the physical engine that can always offer ball behavior and realistic rebounds. Yet every single object and buffer present on the game board behaves like a real element in its own right, contributing to the user's feeling of having to deal with a pinball machine which is still digital but convincing.

In its forum Gameprom declares that the Mac OS X version is on its way, while it will take a while to get your hands on the pinball version for iPad. The developer in fact claims that the work on the version for the Apple tablet is practically completed but that the game will be released only after a direct test on the device, which unfortunately can only take place at the end of April.

The screens published by Gameprom are taken from the Mac version but the developer ensures that the same high quality will also be available on the iPad. Curiously, the HD pinball images that we report in this gallery are at 1024x768pixel and therefore in 4: 3 format, practically the same resolution and the same video format as the iPad.

Finally we also remember Pinball Remote a new app that will allow you to use iPhone and touch as remote controls to play pinball on Mac, using the Wi-Fi connection. In this article we insert several images of the upcoming Mac version, two Gameprom YouTube movies: in the first one the Mac OS X version pinball played on a 42 ″ TV is shown, while the second below shows the operation of Pinbal Remote.

Recall that on the App Store the Gameprom: Wild West Pinball, The Deep Pinball and Jungle Style Pinball pinball machines are offered at 79 cents.