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Gameloft releases the first trailer of N.O.V.A 3, in the summer it will arrive …

There has been much talk of a sequel, it has been long awaited and now an official 3D graphics shooter most loved by the world of Android and counterparts will arrive in the summer with its third chapter. The same manufacturer announced it Gameloft, through the first video-teaser which reveals what the developers say will be a real game footage.

In a post-apocalyptic scenario where life on Earth is no longer conceivable, satellites called Neighboring Orbiters host mankind, looming over their heads for an alien threat known as "The Judges". To counter the invader's power, the inhabitants of the satellites form N.O.V.A, an alliance aimed at preventing their extinction. Despite himself, the former hero of the Marines, Kal Wardin, is called back into service to defend the front.

Six years after the great reprisal, humanity is now grappling with a bloody civil war between the government of the Earth Orbitals and the recently formed human-alien alliance. Once again our hero, retired from the troops of N.O.V.A he will be forced to return to arms to put an end to the deterioration of the situation, saving the tragic planets a tragic fate.

This is the story that distinguished the first two chapters of the series and that has been able to hold several thousand players in suspense. Exciting graphics, breathtaking scenarios divided into distinct environments, numerous arsenal, special powers, online vocation with the possibility of creating team deathmatch * and gameplay perfectly adapted to devices such as smartphones and tablets they have been able to give the title the glory it deserves.

What awaits us in this third chapter? Unfortunately, we have not yet been told.

What seems to be certain that the French developer has expected his arrival by the summer, with an online component further implemented and comparable to the progenitors presented on HD consoles.

Pending further feedback, we leave you with these splendid images.

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* Deatmatch:classic mode featured in first person shooter games. It involves the meeting between two or more players with the aim of eliminating each other in a multiplayer in LAN configuration or directly in the most used online function.

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