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Gameloft: Pocket Chef to have fun in 3D cooking on iPhone and touch

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The history of recent culinary games: the great success on Nintendo DS with Cooking Mama. Gameloft starts from the basic idea by expanding it with a series of additions that can significantly enrich the depth of the game and, in our opinion, also offering greater potential for fun for the player.

First of all Pocket Chef the first game of this recent vein to offer accurate and realistic 3D graphics: from the first moments of the game Pocket Chef welcomes the new chef inside a real kitchen recreated in 3D, not only beautiful to look at but online with the high expectations that now iPhone players expect from a new title of a certain thickness. Secondly, Pocket Chef offers a career mode that helps to capture the attention and also the passion of the player. As an apprentice chef we will start our labors in the kitchen of a fast food restaurant but, as our skills improve, we can become chefs in an ethnic restaurant. The journey continues with the kitchen of an exclusively vegetarian restaurant: only if we know how to tame vegetables successfully will we be able to aim for European cuisine in the most demanding but also most satisfying challenge: that of preparing desserts.

At this point, any cooking and even themed game enthusiast has several good reasons to take Pocket Chef seriously, but not over. The feature that most impressed the writer regards the recipes and dishes that we are called to prepare: within the game, in fact, we find 25 real recipes of specialties from all over the world. So we will start with the US specialties in fast food including brownies, then move on to the preparation of gazpacho, tropical cocktails and much more. By playing you learn a famous recipe and, in our recipe book which is unlocked as we progress in the game, we will have available for consultation the complete recipes with the list of ingredients and the methods of real preparations.

Macitynet was able to preview Pocket Chef and the impressions collected on the stove are decidedly positive. The writer, despite having played Cooking Mama a few times, does not have a great experience with titles of this type and we never would have dreamed of having fun simply trying to butter a pot using the iPhone accelerometer. In any case, the Gameloft developers have managed to transform the chef's art into a fun game: the representation of the 3D kitchen and also of the working tools contribute to the realism of the game. Same goes for the recipes and the real dishes that we are called to prepare.

So the pot, also in 3D, responds just as we would expect to our commands given by tilting iPhone, while we try to slide the piece of butter and complete the operation before it completely disappears. The cutting of vegetables is also a lot of fun, a simple operation only for those who do not know the secrets of cooking: to complete a chef's job, the pieces must be done with care and moving your finger on the touch screen we find ourselves smiling and out of breath to do everything right 'art.

Pocket Chef by Gameloft will be available on the App Store in February: cooking enthusiasts, good foodies and even players looking for a new fun title are warned.