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Gameloft is booming with game sales on the App Store

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IPhone sales jump upwards for Gameloft and strengthen the position of the French game developer for the world of mobility. The concrete testimony of what was intuited along the way during the year, arrived this morning when the annual and last quarter data of Gameloft were released.

During 2009, the games sold on the App Store and therefore dedicated to iPhone and iPod touch totaled € 17.2 million in turnover, 14.4% of the year's total which was € 122 million. More than the percentage, the growth rate recorded by the programs for the Cupertino mobile platform is surprising: + 231% compared to 2008. A rate that is more than 20 times higher than that recorded by the Gameloft business in its entirety (+11 %). The boom is also underlined by the numbers collected in the last quarter; the games on the App Store totaled a good 7 million euros, almost 40% of the total of the year and 22% of the total turnover of the quarter, with an increase of 115% and a turnover of 2.6 million euros over above than expected.

Gameloft's fourth quarter sales reached 31.8 million euros, 6% less than the previous year. This decline in sales is due to Gameloft's withdrawal from packaged game production in January 2009 and the drop in the dollar. On a comparable basis, sales in the last quarter of 2009 grew by 7%.

In 2009 Europe accounted for 39% of total sales, North America 32% and the rest of the world 29%. In 2008, however, Europe accounted for 43% of sales, North America 30% and the rest of the world 27%.

In 2009, sales of mobile video games accounted for 94% of the company's total sales, with the remaining 6% related to console video game sales.