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Gameloft: GT Racing and Brothers in Arms 2 coming soon

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In the Gameloft release plan for this month of February there are two titles that will satisfy fans of the shooters with Brothers in Arm 2 Global Front and also fans of the most hardcore engines with the GT Racing driving simulator. Macitynet had the opportunity to try GT Racing before the Christmas holidays in a Gameloft event in Paris: the new test in Milan highlights a substantial series of improvements for every aspect of the game that does not only concern the physical engine and the simulation behavior, but also the quality and the level of the graphic details, further improved.

Recall that unlike most of the driving titles available on the App Store today, Gameloft's upcoming GT Racing offers a much more similar approach to driving simulation. For the less practical of the genre, from the game settings screens it is possible to alleviate the badness of the computer as regards the realism of accidents and collisions, the response of the car for road holding, whether or not to have the automatic transmission. In practice, by setting the automatisms to the maximum GT Racing offers a gaming experience similar to arcade racing, instead the players who want to be serious can reduce the facilities to play a simulation that forgives the pilot's mistakes very little.

For those who love GT Racing cars an inexhaustible mine: 24 real manufacturers for a total of over 100 cars all officially licensed to choose from which to drive. From purchase to processing, passing through various driving tests and increasingly important races. GT Racing: Motor Academy offers an intense single player career mode and also the possibility of multiplayer challenges for up to 6 players. It will be available on the App Store shortly: here we report the new official screens of the final version.

Brothers in Arms 2: Global FrontA little longer the wait for the next appointment for fans of the genre especially: the war is in fact returning to iPhone and touch with the second chapter of Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front. Gameloft developers started from the Nova game engine, further improving details and graphics. It makes a certain impression to observe the qualitative leap that Gameloft developers are able to instill in each new title, even a few months after each other.

The new Brothers in Arms 2 offers 5 locations across the Pacific, Normandy, North Africa, Germany and even Italy. In our short road test we appreciated the introduction to the game and the tutorial already integrated into the real action. We were hit and, once rescued by friendly soldiers, we are followed in our first movements and the equipment to check our health, an intelligent idea to integrate the tutorial into the game.

During the game we can use submachine guns, rifles, but also flamethrowers and bazookas and much more, in any case the developers have designed Brothers in Arms not only to "hook" the player's interest with the shootings only but also with a plot parallel and a series of adventures, not without twists. So while we shoot right and left it will happen to shed light on the death of a fellow soldier, driving a jeep, a tank and even a glider. Brothers in Arms 2 Global Front will be offered at the price of 5.49 euros on the App Store by the end of February.