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Gameloft: Great Christmas for iPhone and touch games

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Gameloft: great Christmas for iPhone and touch games – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Gameloft goes even further than the level of graphic detail, the richness of the contents and the fun possible on the iPhone and touch. Macitynet in Paris to visit the forge of Gameloft games: from the preview of the new titles coming soon, the qualitative leap that the French multinational once again imposes in the pocket gaming sector is immediately evident. Gameloft's Christmas line-up is impressive for the number of titles and for the high quality level.

Programmers and development managers showed journalists from all over the world still working versions of the new games coming, Macitynet was able to directly view and try 6 new Gameloft titles still covered by embargo regarding screens and images. It is necessary to wait a few more days to admire scenarios and 3D worlds of the new titles, but it is now possible to publish the titles and the setting.

Among the games that most impressed us, we first mention Nova and Avatar. The first is an adventurous sci-fi shooter that by action, complexity of the story and setting closely resembles Halo. The action also plays a fundamental role in Avatar set in the universe of the film while not following the story of the film. All the games previewed from Macitynet in Paris offer graphic quality and content that is decidedly superior to the previous Gameloft titles already available on the App Store and in most cases superior to any other game seen on the App Store to date: so difficult if not impossible choose the best among those viewed.

We still remember Hawxs a spectacular aerial combat game set in the homonymous Tom Clancy series already famous on consoles, in which the arcade side prevails over that of the simulation. The player can fly several modern fighter planes to tackle missions of different types in more than realistic landscapes. Among the titles in progress GT Racing the one that focuses most on simulation: it is a driving title in which the detail of the cars and physics in the game play a fundamental role. GT Racing will be released on the App Store in 2010. For lovers of more arcade-style driving games Gameloft has prepared Drivers in which it is possible to carry out various missions by wandering on the streets of the largest American metropolises all in 70s style and setting. Finally we remember Skater Nation that will delight all players on the iPhone and touch skateboard fans. The player will be engaged in numerous missions that involve performing spectacular stunts in a decidedly large open world, where it is also possible to wander around without a precise goal.

Over the next few days, it will be possible to publish the screenshots and additional information that the developers presented to the press and Macitynet on the new Gameloft games coming soon. What I am sure that on the Apple touch paperbacks will be a very, very funny Christmas.

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