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Galaxy S9 features unveiled by the official Samsung box

samsung galaxy s9 features

Galaxy S9 features unveiled from the back of the official box. The Samsung Galaxy S9 focuses on camera and extraordinary speakers

Galaxy S9 features unveiled by the official box whose photos have been leaked in recent days. All the technical features of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 are practically all already leaked, before its release announced in February. Recently a member of the r / Android community on Reddit shared an image of what appears to be the back of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Officer's package. While the‘Authenticity of the image cannot be confirmed, the features outlined on the box depict an image of a smartphone that could compete quite well on the current mobile market.

samsung galaxy s9 features

Samsung Galaxy S9 technical features

Based on the image of the Galaxy S9 packaging, the technical features of the upcoming Samsung flagship model would in part be similar to the current model: it would in fact be the same size as its predecessor, the Galaxy S8, as it is a 5.8-inch device with a Quad HD + Super AMOLED panel. Just like its 2017 predecessor, the Galaxy S9 also features an 8 MP Selfie Camera, IP68 water and dust resistance, iris scanner, 64GB of storage memory, 4GB of RAM, wireless charging features and, finally, earphones optimized by AKG.

Samsung Galaxy S9 technical sheet

The data sheet of the Samsung Galaxy s9 that appears published on the back of what appears to be the official box reveals technical features, specifications for the cameras and the speakers of the device have managed to ignite the community of smartphone enthusiasts.

Samsung Galaxy S9 camera data sheet

Only in the subreddit of r / Android, many community members immediately noticedthe Super Speed ​​Dual Pixel OIS 12MP of the Galaxy S9 with f / 1.5 and f / 2.4 aperture and Super Slow Mo functions. By translating these camera specifications for actual use, the f / 1.5 aperture would allow the smartphone to produce quality shots in low light and close-up images. This aperture setting would give the Galaxy S9 the same functionality as Apple's portrait mode of iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

The f / 2.5 aperture, in another respect, would work great for daylight scenes where the lighting conditions are optimal. These specifications, combined with Samsung's Dual Pixel technology, all point to the idea that Samsung's new high-end smartphone may have been designed to be a top model for photography.

Samsung Galaxy S9 features speakers

In addition to the camera of the device, many members of the subreddit r / Android have also noticed the mention on the box of the Galaxy S9 of AKG stereo speakers. Considering that the stereo speakers were absent in the Galaxy S8, many fans of the South Korean tech giant have responded very well to the news leak.

Unofficial information

Samsung has not issued an official statement confirming, or not, the authenticity of the recent news leak relating to the packaging and the characteristics of the Galaxy S9, therefore, it would be wise to take the information reported with a pinch of caution.