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Fuse: the home automation of Homekit, Sonos, Apple TV, Chromecast in one app for iPad and iPhone

Bozza automatica

Control the whole house from a single application possible thanks to Fuse, designed to centralize all home automation on a single device. Whether it's an iPhone, an iPad or an Apple Watch, little changes: thanks to its clear and simple interface, it is possible to control the Smart devices installed in the house in a few clicks.

This application can not only offer control of all devices compatible with Apple's HomeKit technology such as lights, sockets, switches, doors, windows, locks, fans, thermostats and temperature sensors, doing what the Casa di app already offers. Apple, but allows you to pair and manage too Apple TV, Sonos speakers (all Smart models currently on the market) and Chromecasttherefore exponentially expanding the management capabilities from a single interface. The only thing missing at the moment is support for viewing Homekit cameras.

Fuse, the whole smart home centralized in one iOS app

Fuse compatible with Siri commands and it can be programmed by creating actions that allow you to control multiple devices simultaneously with a single touch: in this way it is possible to create ad hoc scenes to turn off all the lights by simultaneously closing shutters and locks when you leave the house or adjust lights and shutters with a click adjusting brightness and color to watching a movie (just to make a couple of examples of potential use of the system).

It is possible to group all the connected devices room by room in single panels and from Apple Watch you can easily control all the multimedia part, for example adjusting the volume of the TV with the Digital Crown or starting the music playlists in a click.

It is also possible to manage a series of multimedia archives with the programming of Sonos, Apple TV and Chromocast by deciding the interval or loop programming of favorite songs, web radio etc.

In addition to grouping the panels of the various devices connected in the home within a single easy-to-access screen, in the iPad version the clock and current weather are also shown through the data provided by OpenWeatherMap, thus allowing to transform an old tablet into a home automation control device perhaps to be fixed to the wall (in this regard you can find suggestions on different solutions here, here, here and also on Amazon).

Even if the optimal use of an iPad on the big screen there are no problems making it work on an iPhone with fast access to all the rooms in the house and the possibility to focus on a single room when we want to work on the peripherals present.

In this view very similar to the Wallflower app that we talked about in recent days from which it differs above all for the price: instead of enjoying access by purchasing a monthly or annual subscription, to use Fuse just buy it once. Lapp in fact proposed with a one-off purchase of € 5.49. You can find it on the App Store in a universal version for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.