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Full X Macromedia: Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Studio MX ready

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The official announcement was made on April 29 today and the 30-day trial versions of the packages were made available simultaneously.

The MX versions of the software for web graphics and for the composition of pages with rich multimedia content were long awaited and the betatesting phase was known to several of our readers.

New Dreamweaver MXThe main novelties of Dreamweaver, in addition to the complete integration in the Aqua interface of Mac OS X and to the fully configurable and "dockable" windows are represented by the inclusion in the main code of some features that were previously available only on ColdFusion Studio, UltraDev and Homesite (the latter previously available only on Windows) making possible the integrated management of pages and sites that exploit, in addition to HTML and XTML, also ColdFusion, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP and PHP and especially XML.

The importance of the announcement is given by the fact that not only is the conclusion of the porting to X of all Macromedia applications for the Web but also for the relevance that Dreamweaver has assumed in the market of web designers: Macromedia estimates speak of 80 percent of the professional sphere with about 2.4 million users (probably not all with original license). The cost of Dreamwaver MX will be $ 399 with an upgrade price from Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver UltraDev and ColdFusion Studio of $ 199. The English version will be available from May while the Italian version will be available from July.

New Fireworks MXHighly integrated with Dreamweaver, Flash and even Freehand but at the same time able to function as a stand-alone application, it allows you to create and optimize static, dynamic and interactive images making it easier to navigate on the sites. The main novelty of the MX version is 'the easy creation of vertical and horizontal pop up menus and all the management of the page layout with Javascript and the subsequent automatic generation of graphics and Java code.

The other fundamental feature is the possibility of generating graphs dependent on dynamic variables through XML content: this will avoid repetitive tasks by simplifying the management of complex images and automatically binding them to the variation of the contents of the web pages. Obviously, the capabilities are maintained and expanded. 'Roundtrip XHTML with Dreamweaver MX. Integration takes place not only with Macromedia products but also with Adobe ones, being able to manage Photoshop masks, texts and layers and to manage vector graphics also compatible with Illustrator.

The product will cost US $ 299 with the upgrade price of $ 149. The English version will be available from May, the Italian version from July.

New Macromedia Studio MX

A new suite that has the ambition of being the complete and "total" answer for the creation of web pages. Studio MX is a set of tools that both on the client and server side that promises to help developers produce rich web content under the multimedia profile intuitively and quickly for all types of platforms and devices.

Macromedia Studio MX includes: Macromedia ColdFusion MX, the result of the merger with Allaire, Macromedia Flash MX; Macromedia Dreamweaver MX; Macromedia Fireworks MX and Macromedia FreeHand 10.

According to Macromedia, this is not just a repackaging of old products, but each of them has been deeply renewed.

Note that all Studio MX products are compatible with Mac, except Macromedia ColduFusion MX. Macromedia says that in any case it can be developed in ColdFusion using Dreamweaver MX.Macromedia Studio MX will be available in the USA next month at an introductory price of 799 dollars. This will also obviously be localized in Italian from next July.

To download the demo versions in English, start from the home page of the Macromedia website.