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Fujitsu against Apple: "the iPad brand is ours"

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Fujitsu against Apple: "our iPad brand" – logomacitynet1200wide 1

pple chooses a name and someone claims the right to use it. The story that happened with iPhone is about to repeat itself with iPad. Different only the counterparty, Cisco then, Fujitsu now, and the scenario that lies ahead; on the occasion of the launch of the Cupertino mobile phone, he immediately reached an agreement recognizing that the name was actually registered by the giant of the networks, while now the Apple does not seem very willing to raise the white flag.

That something was preparing on the horizon some sparks had appeared clear a few days ago but now that the iPad has been officially unveiled there are confirmations that rebound from the east. “Our name; they have no right to use it, ”said Fujitsu spokesman Masahiro Yamane. Japanese society seems to have more than some reason. The Japanese company pivots on a wireless device (the image at the end of the article) used by shop assistants, to retrieve information on products that was called its iPad and whose brand was registered in 2003. Apple does not seem to be of the same opinion and referring to an abandonment of the trademark at the beginning of 2009, it challenges the 're-registration' which took place in June.

In the past weeks, Cupertino would have presented ad hoc documentation to challenge Fujitsu's right to use the trademark, obtaining an extension and in the meantime has registered the iPad trademark worldwide. Now the U.S. patent office has asked Apple to file its counter-claims by February 28th.

If the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office believed that Fujitsu has a lot of money, Apple would again need to negotiate a cash sum to grab the iPad name, as long as Fujitsu is willing to reach an agreement.

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(Edited by Giordano Araldi)

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