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From USBfever, LED lamp to be connected to iPhone

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USBfever offers 3 new accessories for users of iPhone, iPod touch and also usable with some iPods. Here are the main features and functions:

LED Flasher for iPod / iPhone an LED illuminator that connects to the iPhone dock port, touch and can also be used with all iPods equipped with a dock port. This accessory allows you to always have an LED torch available to move safely or search for objects in rooms without lighting. It can also be used to function as a position light on a bike, during racing and training. It offers two levels of lighting, low consumption and more intense, the flashing of a red light, random lighting using the various integrated LEDs and other light effects. It is offered at a price of $ 19.99, around 14 euros.

The second accessory presented by USBfever is the Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 3G and 3GS. It is a special film that, once applied on the smartphone screen, prevents the screen from being read by anyone who is not in direct line with the display. This new film offers a reduction in readability in all directions, making the content of the display inaccessible to all those who are at an angle of 30 degrees or more than our terminal.

Privacy Screen Protector is applied on iPhone without stickers and without glue: in addition to protecting our personal data, it offers protection against scratches and dirt on the iPhone screen. It is proposed at the price of $ 14.99, around 10 euros.

Finally we mention the Wool-Made Pouch for iPhone 3G and 3GS, a soft case made of sheep's wool for carrying the Apple smartphone. It is available in red and gray versions and offered at a price of $ 12.99, around 9 euros. Recall that USBfever offers an interesting promotion for all users who purchase from abroad: shipping costs are only $ 2.99, about 2 euros for each order with international shipping.