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From Toshiba the first "Superdrive" for laptops

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Toshiba is the first DVD-RW burner for laptops.

The American branch of the Japanese giant has in fact announced today that it has released the burner into the OEM channels today.

The drive, called SD-R601, supports writing in DVD-R and DVD-RW format, the same used by Pioneer's Superdrive which is used by Apple. Of course, he can also write both normal CDs and read DVDs and CDs themselves.

Toshiba believes that the recorder will appear in high-end laptops within a few weeks; Toshiba itself, one of the world leaders in the field of laptops, will offer a computer with the drive within the Christmas gift season.

Recall that in the summer also Pioneer announced the launch of a DVD burner for laptops later this year making the hypothesis that Apple may present a Titanium accompanied by Superdrive writing DVD 2X, CDs at 16X and rewriting CDs at 10X. Toshiba's instead writes DVDs at 1x

Pioneer is also preparing to launch, also by the end of the year, a Superdrive 2 for desktops with 4X speed in DVD-R and 2X DVD-RW.