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From today on Messenger you can have secret conversations

From today on Messenger you can have secret conversations

Anyone who wants to protect their conversations needs to manually activate encryption for each chat


Messenger also made encryption available to its members: after the news of the tests underway, the security function officially reached the 900 million users of the service.

To use it for, you have to want it. Compared to what happens with Telegrame WhatsAppinfatti, the option will not be active automatically, but the user will have to select it. When you select a contact and open the chat, you have to touch the person's name at the top of the screen the same operation that you do to access other commands of the conversation and select "Secret Conversation". So: the command must be given to each chat singularlyand, and active if both devices are updated.

For now, encrypted conversations are not available for group chat, and they do not support videos and gifs. Images and stickers instead, work.

To those interested in protecting their conversations, it will also depend on how many will be aware of the option and will want to select it from time to time, but its success may not be the company's priority. Its introduction, rather, could serve to protect itself from legal questions such as those that occurred last spring in Brazil, when a manager was arrested for not collaborating in investigations.


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