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From the Carphone Warehouse also the 16GB iPhones are finished

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From the Carphone Warehouse also the 16GB iPhones have ended logomacitynet1200wide 1

No more iPhones from the Carphone Warehouse. The British retailer specialized in cellular telephony and also the only partner (besides Apple) of O2 authorized to sell the phone, showed the sign 'sold out' a few minutes ago and when you say 'everything' you mean everything, that is the 8 GB model as the 16 GB model.

The news that even the top version of the Apple mobile phone is no longer available new. It was known that the 8 GB model, once discounted, had literally snapped up, but that even the most expensive and rigorously maintained version at full price, could end so soon, it was not easy to predict. Both this happened because the lack of the 8 GB model pushed customers to the higher priced version, and because Apple cut stocks difficult to say. What is certain that today as today those who want to buy an iPhone must necessarily contact Apple (on the UK online store the two models are available within 24 hours) or at O2 (which also sold out the 8 GB models).

The Guardian in its online edition confirms that both Carphone Warehouse and O2 have exhausted the low-end models and that there are no plans for the reintegration of the 8 GB version. This would happen because the model is now out of production and Apple would not be building more in view of the launch of the 3G model.

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