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From Taiwan: no reduction in iPhone production

From Taiwan: no reduction in iPhone production logomacitynet1200wide 1

There has been no drop in orders regarding iPhone. The Digitimes, a Taiwanese magazine or line, provides information that contradicts what has been reported by some anonymous sources in recent days. According to what has been learned by the operators of the sector who operate as contractors and subcontractors for the construction of the phone, the programmed share of the iPhone has been maintained.

The Digitimes, usually not very precise when it comes to information on the future of Apple products, is on the contrary considered by some sources in the world of industry a reliable reference as regards the universe of components and semiconductors of which most have originated in Taiwan.

If Apple had really ordered a halving of the iPhone production from 8 to 4 million, those who build the chips could not have known, indeed they would find themselves with a nice hot potato to manage since this type of contracts are running with regard to the lines of assembly well before the finished products, whether they are the actual phones or the individual components, reach the hands of those who must use them. In practice, if the rumors of the past few days were true, some Apple supplier would find themselves in the hands of materials to build a few million processors that they would not know what to do with, with a consequent small earthquake in prices.

Recall that the indiscretion on a reduction in iPhone orders led to a drop in Apple shares of almost 7%. Despite the alleged analysis company source of the news later denied ever having prepared such a report, Apple's shares have recovered very little of the lost ground.

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