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From Sun a Linux desktop

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Sun is expected to announce a new low-cost desktop computer with a Linux operating system today.

The news transpires from the same Sun that just today kicks off its world conference in San Francisco, called SunNetwork.

Sun's choice to go into the Linux field represents an absolute novelty for the Californian company, known worldwide for its sophisticated and high-cost hardware, essentially intended for the high-end and network market.

At the moment the specifications of the Sun machine are not known. It is learned that it will be intended for those who do not need sophisticated, but functional products. The target audience will be call centers, government offices and educational institutions.

Sun hopes to be able to offer all those who want to get rid of dependence on Microsoft and in a time reduce costs, a credible alternative without sacrificing quality and support offered by a large manufacturer with experience in the field of network systems and the hardware dedicated to them.

Sun's strategy would also lead those who buy their desktops to choose much more expensive server machines with the same brand, expanding its market niche.

Recall that recently Sun, which produces an operating system, had already launched a low-end server always based on Linux.