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From Sonnet an accelerator also for the WallStreet Powerbook

From Sonnet an accelerator also for the WallStreet Powerbook logomacitynet1200wide 1

It's called Sonnet Crescendo / WS G3 and can bring the PowerBook G3 to the fastest Mac laptop speed available today (let's say on par as Mhz with the most powerful Titanium) Using a 500 MHz G3 processor with 1 MB of second level cache it will be possible to push the Mac over 2 times the original power!

MAC OS COMPATIBILITY Crescendo / WS G3 fully compatible with all existing hardware. It integrates seamlessly with existing software and supports all the latest versions of Mac OS from Mac OS 8.0 up to Mac OS X.

Sonnet Crescendo / WS G3 easy to install thanks to the instructions that illustrate step by step how to do it, launch the Sonnet software included in the package, turn off the computer, open the case and remove the original processor, move the existing RAM to the processor new, reposition it in the space provided, start and you are ready to take off!

Compatible Mac models? Macintosh PowerBook G3 233 MHz Macintosh PowerBook G3 250 MHz Macintosh PowerBook G3 266 MHz Macintosh PowerBook G3 292 MHz Macintosh PowerBook G3 300 MHz

The price in Italy is still to be defined and availability is for the end of October 2001.

For more information on this and other Sonnet products, please visit the Italian distributor's website: ICEBERG

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