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From MIT the project for a lung ventilator that costs $ 100

Dal MIT il progetto di un ventilatore polmonare che costa 100 dollari

While healthcare facilities around the world are struggling with the shortage of medical equipment to deal with the Coronavirus emergency, MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is working on submitting a project for an emergency ventilator, which costs only 100 dollars and which can be built using readily available materials. An open-source project to tackle the Coronavirus epidemic, which could make the difference and which is a real supportive scientific initiative.

This is an enormously lower cost than the machinery available on the market and which can cost up to $ 30,000 each. The project will be presented online for free by MIT as soon as it is available.

MIT had worked a decade ago on a prototype of this device. The product design had been developed by a group of students in collaboration with a team of doctors. It is a manual fan with a mechanical system that can help automate the pumping process for artificial ventilation. The plan had been stopped.

From MIT the project for a lung ventilator that costs $ 100

From MIT the project for a lung ventilator that costs $ 100

Now, following the international health emergency, MIT has taken over this plan for the construction of a manual fan, to be used in emergency situations, until a machine becomes available in the availability of the health facility where the patient is hospitalized .

The goal of MIT, through the release of a project guide, is to encourage clinical engineering teams to work towards their realization.

All information on the MIT project can be found on the institute's website.

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