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From Metacreations to the Penguin via Corel

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The hypothesis of MacWorld that bases its assumptions on the effort that the Canadian company is carrying out to pull its own Corel Linux OS, an operation that until now has provided its own porting of some market-leading applications such as CoreDraw, WordPerfect Office and Photo-Paint. Therefore, the idea that Bryce, Painter and KPT may have versions for the Open Source world on Intel does not appear peregrine. Corel Meredith Dundas's spokesperson also confirms: “We are looking for products that can be complementary to our Linux strategy – Dundas said – KPT and Bryce have been designed to be independent of the platform and could do the job. But we have no announcements to make in this regard ". Meanwhile, financial analysts are studying the details of the acquisition which led to a huge effort for a company that has already reported 12 million dollars in red for the last quarter and for the next quarters it does not foresee any profit. In addition, some observers have questioned whether Corel could be able to efficiently update packages purchased from Metacreations. Their inventors, particularly those of Bryce, are now somewhere else and such complex applications can hardly be maintained without having the advice of those who created them.