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From Israel CD "€ œtotal" €?

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From Israel 'total' copy CDs? –

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Periodically the most disparate companies announce the invention of systems that prevent the copying of CDs and DVDs.

A few days ago yet another proclamation that this time comes from the Israeli Doc-Witness.

The system behind the protection technology, called OpSecure, a chip integrated directly into the disc whose task is to decode the contents of the CD or DVD.

In practice, thanks to the chip, while it is still possible to copy the disk, the copy will be illegible because it does not have the 'brain' that decodes the data.

According to Doc-Witness, the system is currently much safer than those based on software or using remote activation. It is based on a hardware and dynamic system. Basically two identical disks in the content can have a different 'key', which makes it very difficult to study systems for protection.

As noted by some sites, it remains to be seen what the real flexibility of OpSecure is, of which Dic-Witness guarantees operation on any hardware. Above all, implementation costs remain, perhaps the most critical factor from the manufacturer's point of view.

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