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From Ireland the first rates in euros for the iPhone

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From 49 to 229 euros. Here is the price range that those who want an iPhone will pay in Ireland. To provide information on the cost of the mobile phone, the O2 Ireland website which thus launches valuable information on the Web as it is the first tariffs expressed in the currency of the European market for the iPhone 3G.

O2, the local operator, known to have always been the "meanest" among those who had iPhone available. Not only were the rates the highest ever, but the data and voice bundle was also the lowest. With the launch of the new version of the phone, the situation does not seem to have improved (although the details of the tariffs are not known, but the scale remains the same), but at least the price of the mobile phone drops significantly.

In the most favorable of conditions (iPhone 8 GB with a contract of 100 euros) the phone will cost only 49 euros; in the worst (16 GB iPhone with a rate of 45 euros per month) the price will be 229 euros. But the 8 GB iPhone can also be had at 99 euros (rate from 65 euros per month) or 169 euros (rate from 45 euros per month); the 16 GB model costs respectively 129, 169 and, in fact, 229 euros per month depending on whether you sign a 45, 65 or 100 euros per month contract.

Irish prices, at least for mobile phones, seem to be in line with American prices that speak of 199 and 299 dollars (excluding taxes) for the local market.

Whether the costs of Ireland can be replicated broadly in other countries too, difficult to say; there is an extreme difference between one nation and another and between the various operators and their offers. In any case, this is an interesting point of reference because, as mentioned, the first to be provided in euros.