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From Henkel and Ecovacs a customized liquid detergent for Ozmo vacuum cleaners

From Henkel and Ecovacs a customized liquid detergent for Ozmo vacuum cleaners

A liquid detergent tailored to the Ozmo series Ecovacs robots: the result of the recent strategic partnership with Henkel, a company that precisely produces detergents and solutions for cleaning the home.

The two companies have in fact teamed up to enhance what is one of the most popular features of the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo automatic vacuum cleaners, which also include the scrubber option.

The specially developed liquid detergent can be inserted inside the water tanks of the robots to offer even deeper and streak-free cleaning that keeps floors clean and shiny (as well as fresh and fragrant) for longer.

Thanks to our partnership with Ecovacs, we want to use our experience to support and further develop the growing market for domestic robots, explains Nuria Ribe, Head of International Marketing for Henkel's Home Care division. The cleaning product we have developed offers a specialized solution. for Deebot Ozmo domestic robots that give customers the results they seek.

From Henkel and Ecovacs a customized liquid detergent for Deebot Ozmo vacuum cleaners

We are pleased to have found in Henkel an ally with within itself essential cleaning brands in the daily life of many of our customers. Andreas Wahlich, General Manager Europe of Ecovacs Together, we have created a practical product, which improves the already excellent cleaning performance of our OZMO technology and which brings a clean smell into the home.

Recall that the Ozmo technology, which allows suction and washing in one step, available for the DEEBOT OZMO 930, PRO930, OZMO Slim10, OZMO 900, OZMO 920 and OZMO 950 models.

A study has shown how this technology can remove 99% of harmful bacteria present on the soil: the amount of water that comes out of the tank can be controlled manually by the application depending on the degree of dirt and the surface to be cleaned, without soaking the surfaces but at the same time ensuring deeper cleaning.

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