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From BBC a digital radio for iPod

From BBC a digital radio for iPod logomacitynet1200wide 1

The BBC wants to combine a digital radio receiver with the iPod. To reveal it the BBC itself, with an article published on its website.

The details on the accessory are still very scarce; we learn only that the intention of the British broadcaster is to exploit the popularity of MP3 devices (among which the iPod dominates) to drive the digital radio market that until now is struggling to find a commercial dimension, especially in the field of pocket systems. At the current stage, the BBC says, the preliminary aspects are being evaluated, such as the feasibility of the accessory, the marketing possibilities, the design and its functions.

Also according to the BBC there would be no specific agreement with Apple for the production of digital radio and that among the objectives there would also be that of creating versions of the receiver (useful for receiving stations that are also different from those transmitted by the BBC) for car radios and mobile phones.

At the moment it is not clear how BBC intends to market the product, the reference markets and the cost. But it is clear that there is an interesting market for such a gadget considering, among other possibilities, that of enabling the recording of digital audio directly on iPod launching a new market still to be explored.

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