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From ATI soon a new Radeon chip

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Today Nvidia will officially present its new NV30 chips in Taiwan, starting the production of the first cards with the GeForce FX, but ATI does not remain idle.

The Canadian company, today on the market with the most powerful of the consumer graphics cards available, the Radeon 9700, well-intentioned to maintain the leadership regained after a few years of subjection to the competitor and is about to introduce a revision of its RV 300 processor.

The new chip, called RV 350 and which we have already talked about in the past from our pages, is approaching the final design and construction phase and should be put into production by the end of December.

The main difference of the VR 350 compared to its predecessors in the circuitry which will be 0.13 microns, the same level of miniaturization as the NV30 of Nvidia.

If ATI's calculations prove correct, the VR 350 and the NV30 will arrive on the market almost simultaneously. In fact, Nvidia has already declared that it does not think it has a sufficient number of chips to distribute to its partners except between the end of January and the beginning of February, more or less the same time window with which the RV 350. Performance should also be on par with that of the competing chip, if not slightly higher.

ATI, together with the RV 350, should also release a new version of the RV 250, the chip used by the Radeon 9000 that we see in the G4. The new processor will be called RV 280 and will differ from its predecessor for the AGP 8x support