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Fring and iCall, Voip calls on the mobile network (operator permitting)

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Not only has iCall taken advantage of the loosening of the shirts, arranged by Apple in its conditions of use of the iPhone development kit. Next to the Connecticut company, which has already updated its program yesterday to work by sending voice calls but on the Internet from the iPhone, Fring is also from this afternoon.

According to reports from Macworld USA Fringland, the Israeli company, would have gone even further, allowing the transmission of video on a mobile cellular network, obviously speed of connections allowing. Both iCall and Fring do not need updates to function on a cellular network as Voice Over Ip applications. They have indeed been unlocked "server side".

According to what Macworld always reports, even Skype could follow shortly. The Luxembourg company, in the past one of the fiercest opponents of the blockade of VoIP on the cellular network, has made it known that it is ready to launch a version of its software open to Voice Over Ip on the mobile network, but that it intends to wait for the green light official from Apple.

Remember that, in addition to the speed of the connection, to use Voip on a cellular network, you must also enjoy the privilege granted by the operator with whom you have a contract. Several companies in the sector explicitly prohibit Voip and block it with technical devices. Others grant limited or paid Voip connections with extra fees.