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Fried graphene revolutionizes batteries

Fried graphene revolutionizes batteries

Fried Graphene the last frontier: frying could prove to be the solution for batteries that last a long time

deep-fried-graphene "width =" 300 "height =" 213 "srcset =" 300w, 630w "sizes =" (max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px "/> Il <strong>Fried graphene the last frontier</strong>: frying could be useful even outside the culinary sphere, it can even improve (and greatly) the performance of the <strong>smartphone batteries</strong> and mobile devices. We are not talking about frying in boiling oil like potato chips but in a mix of acids and organic solvents, the process is called deep-fried graphene. The final result of fried graphene as demonstrated by a group of researchers in South Korea l<strong>3D expansion of the graphene molecule,</strong> which changes its form into pom-pom. A sort of high-tech pop-corn. With this new conformation, able to accumulate electrical energy, so as to guarantee a much higher capacity, because it greatly increases its surface. In the past, other scholars had succeeded in expanding the graphene molecule into three dimensions. However this method fried is the most economical and adoptable in a mass production. This discovery the first piece of a puzzle is more complex, before seeing the market in graphene fried batteries must wait a little longer, as studies on this element I'm still at the beginning.</p><div class=

Cecilia Cantadore