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Freemium's 3 best tools for keeping track of untracked Twitter users

Freemium's 3 best tools for keeping track of untracked Twitter users

Managing Twitter followers and followers is not an easy task, especially when counting in thousands or hundreds of thousands. So, here I am sharing some useful tools that can help you keep track of your followers, followers and followers on Twitter.

1. ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter the most sophisticated tool to manage your followers and followers on Twitter. All you need to do to sign up for your Twitter account. After authorization, I will show the number of people who don't follow you. You can classify them by,

  • No profile picture, this option lets you know if the user has a default profile picture
  • Influence, this feature tells you whether the user is influential or not.
  • Fake / spam, with this function you can be sure of the authenticity of an account.
  • Idle, if the profile looks authentic but you are not a user whether the user is active or not, you can get help from this feature.

100 the daily follow-up / unfollow limit of this tool, although you can raise the limit by updating the paid options.

Other features of this tool are,

  • A Twitter-based search engine that can help you find new people to follow
  • Scheduling tweets
  • Analytics (paid option)

2. justunfollow

justunfollow yet another tool to manage Twitter followers and followers. Simply sign up with your Twitter account and tell you how many people are not following you. Various options available are,

  • Get to know your recent followers or followers
  • Inactive following
  • Check the relationship of two Twitter accounts, regardless of whether they are connected or not
  • Blacklist or white list of a user
  • Copy followers, an option to get to know and follow your competitor's followers
  • Keyword followers, allows you to search for users by keywords in their biography on Twitter

The daily limit for these tools of 25 followers / unfollows and 50 blacklists / whitelists. If you go with paid plans, there will be no limit to following / unfollows.


You can use for Twitter and Instagram. For now, we will only talk about Twitter, register using your Twitter account, you will be asked for your email, you will send it and you will have completed the registration process. Here's what this tool has to offer,

  • People who don't go back
  • Recent followers, unfollowers
  • Mutual follow-up
  • Inactive profiles
  • False profiles

If you update the premium option, there will be no daily limit, no advertising and your account statistics will be made available to you.


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So these were 3 best tools to manage and track Twitter followers, followers and followers. If you want to suggest any other tools that you think deserve a mention here, feel free to write in the comments below the post.