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Free VPNs for Android: complete guide

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Free VPNs

Surfing from smartphones and tablets is not always safe for our privacy: telephone operators, search engines and advertising agencies can track our habits with great ease. They can find out the exact location where we are, which system we use and from which IP address we surf the net. If we particularly care about our privacy when we use portable devices, we recommend using some apps for Android specifically designed to protect our identity while browsing. In this article we will show you the best free VPNs for Android, so you can browse without worrying about being spied on in total privacy and security.

Note: our IP will change using one of these apps. We will be in another country and we will therefore have personalized web services based on the country to which we respond.

Free VPNs for Android

Many use anti-virus software, but a different VPN, because they protect you from unsecured public WiFi networks. A VPN can also allow you to receive your favorite programs from any location on your device, changing your IP address.

Lately free VPNs are becoming more and more sophisticated, which means that the consumer has more choice before resorting to the paid alternative. If you want speed and security, it's worth looking at our best Android VPNs: they might not be unlimited for free, but offer state-of-the-art encryption at affordable prices.

Turbo VPN

Turbo VPNTurbo VPN one of the fastest and most effective free VPNs for Android. Just start it and click on the carrot-shaped symbol; we will be immediately redirected and we will have a new IP address to navigate with.

Using any web browser we can immediately notice the quality of the service: the connection remains fast enough to be able to browse anonymously on your smartphone.

We can download Turbo VPN from the following link.

LINK | Turbo VPN

Hola VPN

Hola VPNHola VPN without a doubt one of the most popular free VPNs for Android. It uses a special technology that allows all users to be both clients and nodes for other users, using a technology very similar to P2P programs.

Hola completely free and allows you to choose which country to arrive directly from the app. We choose a nation and change our identity: tracking us down will be considerably more difficult.

We can download it from the following link.


Aloha Browser + VPN for free

Aloha BrowserAloha Browser a fast and free service, in the form of a web browser with different features that guarantees maximum privacy and security.

Aloha is a browser that lets you navigate faster with an optimized rendering engine, developed specifically for mobile devices. The use of hardware acceleration displays the page up to 2 times faster than other mobile browsers.

The free and integrated unlimited VPN encryption compresses the traffic, while the protection of the trackers reduces the personal data to be transferred to third parties. With Aloha we will no longer have to worry about our privacy: just install it and start it if necessary for effective protection.

Aloha Browser also a powerful download manager. It allows you to download videos directly from the player while you are watching them online or download music, videos and other files. You can download Aloha Browser + VPN for free from the following link.

LINK |Aloha Browser + VPN for free



ProtonVPN comes from the same team that is behind the e-mail service focused on ProtonMail privacy. His website claims that users of the paid VPN version subsidize free users, so there are no ads or browser sales history. While many free VPNs have questionable privacy practices, you can be reasonably sure that ProtonVPN will not do anything questionable with your data.

Countries with servers available in the free plan are well distributed, so you should have no connection problems. It is also based in Switzerland, a country that has strict privacy laws.


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