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Free StarOffice for students from Europe and Africa

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It is not a mystery that Microsoft envisages particular policies to equip the compulsory school and university sectors with its own software. But, in spite of the balance sheets, to amend the guilty monopolistic maneuvers, the Redmond giant is happy to take on the boisterous part of the generous benefactor, giving his software to American educational institutions.

An idea that, while not bringing profits to Microsoft's coffers, still gives a serious blow to the possibility of choosing between the different office suites. Sun, therefore, in the coming months, will try to counter this way of offering free copies of its Star Office to European and African schools. There are as many as 18 million students, in the future potential buyers, in addition to donations in software to 200 million students in China and South America, for a total equivalent to 5.7 billion US dollars.

Sun hopes that StarOffice 6.0 will become the office suite de facto, for students all over the world, paying homage to primary and secondary schools in France, Germany and Sweden with free licenses. "In this way, young users of Microsoft Office would be bound for life to use that program," says Scott McNealy , CEO of Sun, while echoed by Mrs. Kim Jones, vice-president for the education and research sector "differently (…) from others who lock schools in expensive licensing models, Sun intends to give the global community a gift of the education sector, the use of the Star Office suite at no cost. "