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Free ringtones on Android: download them with Myxer

The ringtones in my view, most of the backgrounds are those elements that make the same smartphone model unique. If in the past those telephone numbers from which it was possible to download the ringtones of the moment were very fashionable, so much so that they were advertised on national and local private TVs, today there are a myriad of online services, programs and applications that they allow you to create them at zero cost starting from the motif to your liking. With today's guide, I'll point you out how to download ringtones for free on android with Myxer.

What is Myxer? An application of the entertainment category available on the Google Play Store and compatible from smartphones with Android 1.5 and above. So even on older devices. After downloading and installing it on the terminal in use, just start the application with a simple click on the button Men.

Myxer Free ringtones on Android

In order to view the list of ringtones available that are cataloged by popularity and by musical genre, all you have to do is select the icon Ringtones. Once you have chosen the one you prefer, you can proceed to listen to the refrain in streaming and download it on the Android terminal, simply by pressing the button Get Ringtone.

Now you need to save the ringtone on Android by pressing quickly on Ringtone > Save as is Save. If you want this to be the default ringtone click on the button Make Default. Alternatively, if you intend to assign it to a specific contact stored in the address book, press the button Assign to contact.

If you are looking for it free ringtones on Android, Myxer just the application that's right for you!

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