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Free newspapers on Telegram, the case breaks out and the publishers ask for the suspension

free newspapers on telegram

The Federation of Italian publishers calls for the suspension of the messaging app to avoid estimated losses of hundreds of millions of euros

As the saying goes, the bubbone burst. Of the free newspapers on Telegram a few turns of words, it had been known for months. The messaging app hosts dozens of groups in which you can read pirated magazines and newspapers for free, or paying a few euros a month. directly on the phone of the user in pdf format. Cosicch did not have to subscribe or buy a newspaper online to read it. With the proliferation of the pandemic situation from COVID-19 and the consequent quarantine, the viralization of this system has increased disproportionately.

There are about ten Telegrammonitorati channels, from an analysis conducted by the offices of Fieg (Federation of publishers). They are completely dedicated to the illicit diffusion of different types of magazines and newspapers. The users enrolled in these groups are circa580mila, with a 46% increase in the last three months and an 88% increase in illicitly distributed newspapers.

Free newspapers on Telegram, what they ask Agcom

free newspapers on telegram

The illicit distribution of newspapers to the detriment of publishers and professionals of the sector has not gone unnoticed and an exemplary and urgent measure is requested from Agcom (Authority for guarantees in communications) suspension of Telegrambased on an analysis of the increase in the illicit spread of newspapers on the platform during the coronavirus pandemic.

The FIEG has developed an estimate of the losses that is around670 thousand euros per day, which correspond to250 million euros per year.

The Federation of Newspaper Publishers asked Agcom for an exemplary and urgent measure to suspend Telegram, on the basis of an analysis of the increase in the illicit circulation of newspapers on the platform which, during the pandemic, reached intolerable levels for a rule of law: what he writes in a notethe President Andrea Riffeser Monti.

The release concludes that all professionals are committed, among many sacrifices, to guarantee the continuity of a primary good, such as that of information, which, never as at this moment, called to fulfill its highest function of constitutionally guaranteed right.

In short, trouble for Telegram continues. These days the complaint of its use for avoid law enforcement checkpoints during the coronavirus containment period. And already in 2019 copies of the most famous magazines circulated undisturbed on the messaging app. The Postal Police had opened investigations and users had been punished with high fines. There were 10,000 people caught in the act and who risked high fines.