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Free fitness apps for training at home

free apps to go home adidas

During this necessary isolation, we have devised many ways to stay home without getting bored, spending time in a profitable and fun way. Many of us wondering when the quarantine ends? do you think when I can go back to the gym?

The coronavirus has forced us out of our gyms and, for those who do daily physical activity, it is not just a matter of training the body, but of having a moment of pause from the daily frenzy, to recharge with positive energy.

But let's not despair: we can also train at home. Doing gymnastics at home, even without tools, is a way to stay fit and to release some tension due to this momentary condition of isolation. If we are sports experts, we can draw up a DIY training plan, or rely on the fitness apps for a guide with tips and advice, which will help us follow a good home training program.

Fitness apps aren't just for running

Getting used to a workout at home could be difficult, so the apps are a great help to monitor the timing and sequence of the exercises and to keep us motivated in the long run. Some apps send motivational notifications daily, others use the challenge formula to encourage us to improve. Fitness apps are many and those who have never used them perhaps associate them mostly with running programs. Know that not only those who run use apps to improve and measure their sports performance, also those who go to the gym can use them for careful planning of their training. Among the many solutions and offers of exercises in the apps, there are many programs to do gymnastics at home.

We can choose between free apps or with subscription plans, app for home exercises specific for female anatomy and home training profiles more suitable for men. We can do gymnastics at home with equipment, as if we were in the gym, or run bodyweight exercises, choosing tutorial for yoga or video with pilates and stretching exercises: all from the living room at home, without having to leave. If the app is compatible with your smart-watch, you could integrate the control and verification functions of the objectives achieved.

How much do subscription fitness apps cost

Most fitness apps provide a free offer or a trial of a few days with standard training protocols and a paid version where you can create your own personalized workout. Subscription d access to extra content and services, like a food program to be added to your training plan, contact with a personal coach who follows you step by step, or the possibility of having more exercises and always updated.

The formulas for the Pro versions are monthly subscription with varying costs from 10 Euros / month to 20 Euros / month o the purchase of individual services / businesses. Spending completely sustainable if you think about the advantages of having a training plan to be performed at home (and, when we can do it, in the open air in the parks), compared to the expense you would incur for a gym membership (of course, this is of two completely different options). You can always try the basic version for free and then decide whether to opt for the full version.

Free apps to train at home

The Lapp store offers us many results for home training research, but not all the suggested apps are free. Most can be downloaded and installed for free on your smart-phone. Often you can have unlimited access to a basic version, others ask you after a few days of actual payment. We suggest a series of fitness apps that offer both free and subscription plans with exercises to do at home, even without professional tools. We have chosen not only according to the free service but also based on the different formula and type of sports training proposed.

Adidas Training

free apps to go home adidas

The license plate application Adidas (developed by runtastic) between best fitness appsfree to monitor their performance also in the version, perfect for performing exercises at home. You can decide your training plan aimed at different areas of the body, also combining different exercises. The video lessons include initial muscle warm-up and final stretching. Available for both Android and IOS. It has an extended free version and a pro version (9.90 Euros / month) which gives access to diversified and more specific lessons.

SWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness

free fitness app for training at home SWEAT

One of the most purchased fitness apps for women on the App Store. The project of the fitness influencer Kayla Itsines, which became famous for the e-books Bikini Body Guide. SWEAT an application for a female terget, available for both IOS and Android. 7-day free trial and then you will have to choose the type of subscription: 19.99 Euro / month, with annual subscription the cost is reduced to 10 Euro / month. You can choose your home training goal: lose weight, get fit, increase physical strength, increase lean body mass. To exercise at home among the available training programs we suggest: BBG with Kayla Itsines with bodyweight exercises is Body and Mind with Yoga trainer Vinyasa Sjana Elise Self, excellent for posture. If you are a new mom, there is also the program Post pregnancy with Kelsey Wells with focus on pelvic floor and abdominal.

30 day fitness challenge

best free apps to exercise at home

An intense program for get back in shape in 30 days. A calendar of exercises to do at home without the use of tools from the gym. A food program to follow for a complete training or if the goal is to train to lose weight. App also suitable for beginners who take advantage of the quarantine moment to get back into shape. You can choose the most suitable level for you and the intensity of the exercises increases over the days. Lapp free for a standard training program, while the access pass to a customized level. The exercises are explained both with cards and with videos.

7 Min Workout

free apps for training at home fast and intense exercises

If you are a lover of circuit programs, this lapp for you. An intense training program with exercises to be done in 7 minutes. For those who, despite isolation, have little time but want to get back in shape or keep in shape to return to the gym toned and trained. Exercises to do anywhere, even at home. The principle is that of HICT (High Intensity Circuit Training) to improve the cardiovascular performance and the muscle tone. The only flaw, the translations in Italian of the names of the exercises sometimes leave something to be desired, but the explanations in return are very well done. There free version of the unlimited app for duration of use, but it is possible to purchase single programs with costs varying from 2.00 to 10.00 Euros.

Tabata. Interval training at home

free home gym app

Fitness app you can free download. A training program to do at home, perfect for those who want a calendar of individual exercises to combine. Tabata a formula of high intensity interval training: intense for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, all for 8 reps. You can choose between: abs, legs and buttocks, lower body, upper body, fat burner and ideal body. Free app very intuitive and simple to use, compatible with any device (Android or IOS). Availability of a full version for 9.90 Euros / month.

Flexibility Training & Stretching Exercise at Home

fitness graftis app for making pilatres at home

If you are oriented on pilates and stretching, this is a good app even if you are a beginner. Videolessons in Italian, 60 free pilates exercises, to be planned according to a personalized calendar (there are limitations in the free version in programming large calendars). The exercises are divided according to the difficulty with yoga, pilates, stretching training programs. Many exercises to do without tools and you don't need a lot of space.

Then, between one exercise and another, you can always do some online shopping!