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Free cloud services with more storage space

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free cloud services

Find a provider that offers free cloud services easy, but find one with a large free storage space with all the features you need much more difficult. For this reason we have written a guide on the best free cloud services with the largest space. Now you can stop searching in the jungle of cloud storage to find the most convenient one, because we did it for you. The new cloud storage providers often initially offer generous free storage plans to retain users, but soon they change the plan, reducing capacity (even Microsoft did it). Without excluding the risk that new suppliers may suddenly interrupt the service.

What makes cloud services the best for free?

If you are looking for a reliable cloud service, today is your lucky day. We have searched for and found the five best providers of free Cloud services with more spacious and functional features.

The good news that free cloud service providers are offering up to 100GB of storage space. The less happy news that come with some restrictions. After all, at this price it is not possible to have everything. The first step is to analyze how much storage space you need and then decide what kind of privacy you need. If the files you wish to store in the "cloud" are sensitive and you are only looking for file synchronization, you can opt for one of the best suppliers like with 5 GB of storage space, which you can extend further.

MEGA may be an excellent option if privacy is essential for you, but it may be that you need more space. Comes with 50 GB of free storage space, protected by private encryption. Its speed of up and download however a little slow. If you are looking for more space, web and mobile interface without interruption and automatic backups, but end-to-end encryption is not something you need, then pCloud can be a great choice, with its 20 GB of free storage. If you're just looking for a huge free storage with many other additional features, you can choose a provider like Degoo with 100 GB of free space. There is no web interface, file synchronization or scheduling of this service, but you can't ask too much when you're already receiving 100 GB for free.

Now let's go into the different services that offer free cloud space.

Five free cloud providers with large storage spaces

Without further ado, let's take a look at our list of providers.


With 10 GB of storage space expandable to over 20 GB, pCloud offers its users effective synchronization, backup and file sharing, so at the top of our list. There are other providers on our list that offer more free storage than pCloud, but they don't provide as many extra features.


In the free plan, users receive immediately after registering with pCloud 10 GB of archive space e 50 GB of traffic for download links per month. You can get an additional 10GB by following a series of steps, like sending referral links to your friends (both you and your friends will receive 1 additional GB) or by linking your social media with pCloud. pCloud has a dedicated page that explains all the ways in which additional free space can be obtained. To get the free plan you need to click on "Try for free"And proceed with the registration to open your account.

Other reasons to choose pCloud

The pCloud interface is clean and easy to navigate. Its web app has all the necessary buttons located on the left and desktop applications are just as good. It also has a "rewind" option that allows users to find previous versions of files up to 180 days ago. The visual scale with the number of days on it makes finding the right version easily.

pCloud also the only storage provider in the list that has the option to generate both download and upload links, allowing a different user to download files without having to create a pCloud account. Also, when you upload files to pCloud , they are automatically placed in different folders depending on the type of file. The image files enter "my photos", the music files enter "my music" and so on. offers a storage space of 5 GB for all users, which can be further extended both by the next steps and by invitations to friends to register.5GB may seem a rather small amount of space, but this is compensated by which does not imposes a limit on the additional free space obtained through the invitation to friends. You can invite as many friends as you wish and for each friend who signs up, you will both receive 1 GB of storage space.

In addition to a friend registration link, it also provides a reference code that your friends can use even after registering. If you have other friends who are already users, you can ask them to enter the reference code (or vice versa) to get an additional space of 1 GB. It may seem like a small feature, but when you're looking for free storage, every bit counts.

More reasons to choose our safe alternative to Dropbox thanks to its fantastic privacy security. This means that your data is encrypted locally and then transferred to the cloud, and even employees have no knowledge of the stored data. also provides seamless file synchronization across multiple devices and even file protection. Files shared via links can also be password protected for additional security. If this is not sufficient, also allows users to disable password resets and enable two-factor authentication.


MEGA provides 50 GB of free space for all users, although there are some conditions that made us decide to place MEGA in third place on this list. To begin with, there is a limitation of bandwidth on the amount of data that a user can download or load at a given time, bringing it to lower speeds which can be quite annoying. Fortunately, there are browser extensions for both Chrome and Firefox that increase overall performance.

MEGA service

With 50 GB of storage space already available for free, the available referral programs are not included. Overall, MEGA can be a good option if you are looking for free cloud services to back up all your data for a particular event. which requires no file synchronization on a daily basis. If you're looking for a more efficient cloud storage provider, all-in cloud service, MEGA may not be the right one.

Other reasons to choose MEGA

MEGA offers excellent private encryption. None of your passwords will be saved on MEGA's servers, providing additional protection. Forgetting a password, however, can create a huge headache.

Fortunately, MEGA solves this problem by providing users with a master key in the form of a text file. The main key available for download upon registration.


With 100 GB of free storage, however, do we only place Degoo in fourth place on our list? Well, why Degoo just a cloud backup provider. It does not provide file synchronization and numerous other crucial features provided by a cloud storage provider. We had to include Degoo in our list only because the 100GB free space is too good not to mention it. As you have seen, it provides the largest storage space among all the other providers on our list.

Degoo cloud service

You can further expand this 100GB storage space by inviting friends to join Degoo. For each invitation, you get 3GB and in this way you can get a maximum of 500GB of storage space. So in all you can get 100GB + up to 500GB of free space available. Much more than MEGA, however, essential features like file synchronization, sharing and backup schedule are missing. That's why Degoo ends up being an average cloud backup provider and nothing more.

Other reasons to choose Degoo

Since Degoo has its headquarters in Sweden, it is more reserved in privacy even outside the NSA, which automatically makes it safer. It is also possible to connect multiple devices with Degoo, including laptops and mobile phones. Scheduled backups are not possible; instead, Degoo automatically saves the data every 24 hours. It has an incremental backup option, which means only files uploaded and modified since the last backup.

Encryption occurs only when data is in transit. It is clear that end-to-end encryption would have made Degoo the excellent choice and probably would have achieved a higher position on our list.


hubiC a rather new service in the field of free cloud services, and probably the reason why you haven't heard of it. Since new, it is trying to outdo the competition by providing users with 25 GB of free space. If this is not enough, hubiC also offers a generous referral plan where you can earn up to 25GB of storage space by recommending hubiC to a maximum of five people. And every friend who uses your reference code also receives a 5 GB storage space.

HubiC cloud service

You can invite friends via Facebook, Twitter or email. There is also a code that you can share directly with your friends when they log in to their account after signing up. However, hubiC last for a reason: security leaves much to be desired. Files are encrypted only when they are in transit and there is no local or server encryption, making hubiC the least secure cloud storage provider in this list. The 25GB free storage space might look good, but MEGA offers storage space 50GB with private encryption and Degoo provides 100GB of storage with encryption during transfer and on the server.

Other reasons to choose hubiC

hubiC has backup functions and synchronization files. Uploads and downloads are possible via the desktop application or the web application.

File sharing is also quite simple. Users can generate a link, send it via email or directly copy and paste it. Shared connections can also be password protected for added security. HubiC also has a mobile application, but rather buggy and has not been updated since 2014. Fortunately, the clean hubiC web interface, rather than the application mobile.

Honorable mention: iDrive

It is a cloud backup provider, iDrive also offers synchronization, sharing and private file encryption. With only 10 GB of free storage and no referral program.

IDrive service

Unlike other cloud providers with larger storage space, IDrive segments its backup and file synchronization space. Thus, each user gets 5 GB backup space and 5 GB synchronization space. If you don't mind having only 10 GB of free space, then IDrive can be a great choice.


If you are looking for free cloud storage services, as you can see, there are many options to choose from.

Every cloud storage provider on our list offers something that others do not have. Finding the right provider for you will be strictly dependent on your storage needs and other requirements.