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Foursquare is divided, Swarm is born

The app is the protagonist of the check-in revolution and tries to combat the decline by splitting into two parts: Foursquare for local search, Swarm for the social part

(Photo: Foursquare)(Photo: Foursquare)

It was way back in 2009 whenFoursquareconquistuori of users making famous the check-in, the mechanism to signal one's presence in places of interest and local. Five years later, the lost part of its enamel with respect to other realities of the mobile panorama, both social use (also Facebook now integral check-indaun piece), and lossimensions of databasedeiluoghi.He is why in a few weeks Fousquare as we know itno longer exists. In its place came two apps intertwined with each other.

The first will continue to be called Foursquare and will be destined to collect venue reviews and user ratings.It will be redesigned and adjusted to better guess user preferences, also thanks to incoming inputs from secondapp, which you call SWarmand take charge of the check-ins and the entire social part of the old Foursquare. More precisely, Swarm will be a social networkheat map, an app that will show the hottest places of the moment, that is the most frequented by users and friends.

Location sharing in Swarm will beautomatic and passive. You can always check in manually, but the main function of the app is similar to that of the Newby Friendsby Facebook: Swarminsomma will not constantly share its precise GPS position, but will only provide the system with an approximation obtained thanks to Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

The two apps will come together in the coming weeks, first on iOS and Android and later on Windows Phone.


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