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Forza Street for iPhone, iPad and Android arrives on May 5th

Forza Street per iPhone, iPad e Android uscirà il 5 maggio

The mobile version was already announced at the end of last year, and since the first Forza Motorsport in 2005 that many have dreamed of a mobile version of the game, perhaps out on iOS and Android: now reality, Forza Street on iPhone, iPad and Android the next May 5. The wait is almost over, and those who play it immediately will receive additional free prizes.

Anyone playing within the first month will receive a Founders Pack that includes the Ford GT 2017, plus virtual credits and gold. Forza Street, as anticipated several months ago, will be a simplified and smaller version of Forza Motorsport; understandable, considering the amount of content that the console version offers, inconceivable on a mobile device. However, there will be a story-driven mode and races that can last only one minute.

Forza Street for iPhone, iPad and Android will be released on May 5th

The developers didn't talk much about in-app purchases, but the presence of credits and gold makes it clear that they will play a rather important role. After all, Forza Street will be a free to play game, therefore free to download.

Although this element does not bode well, the wait is still long, considering that it is the first time ever that a game in the Forza saga arrives on a platform other than those of Microsoft.

Not only will it be possible to drive the most elegant and powerful cars in the history of cars, but also to win them in the races to assemble a fairytale car park, transforming our virtual garage into a gallery of trophies unique in the world.

The new Forza Street is already available for Windows 10 and will be released on May 5 for iOS and Android.

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