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Force Feedback, Feral is the first

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Force Feedback, Feral the first –

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No sooner said than done. For Feral, it was enough for Apple to release version 10.1.3 of Mac OS X to release a patch after a few hours, making F1 Championship the first Mac game to support Force Feedback.

The British company, specialized in porting titles for PC, has in fact presented on its website an update of the application that allows us to sit behind the wheel of a Formula 1. Update 1.01, basically, aimed precisely at supporting Force Feedback.

With the use of the patch (which also corrects some minor bugs) and a steering wheel compatible with Immersion technologies (which we always talk about in today's edition) it will become possible to "feel" the curbs, the asphalt vibrations and the bumps against other cars. A touch of realism that in the PC version has been around for some time.

In addition to F1 Championship will support Force Feedback not yet released Nascar 2000 (likely to be released on the occasion of Macworld) and Tony Hawk 3.

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