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For those who believe in dreams …

For those who believe in dreams … logomacitynet1200wide 1

There are those who think that if Apple and Sun join forces they could firstly take advantage of it but also avoid what is, not surprisingly, called "MAD" (crazy), Mutually Assured Destruction (Safe Mutual Destruction).

We do not know if this (a little eccentric) could be the right way, but if some of our readers believe it is, then you can take advantage of the open letters to send to Steve Jobs of Apple and Scott McNealy of Sun, you can find them at this address:

But what is it written?

The two CEOs are asked to exchange their technologies more or less, without merging the two companies, to ?give customers a compatible system that goes from servers to clients, to solve Apple's long-standing problems with the CPU and system operational while Sun could take advantage of the large production volumes and thanks to AltiVec's computing powers, it will overcome the competition's SPEC momentum and leave IBM as the only PPC producer without AltiVec ?.

The imaginative author foresees on the horizon a "Mac desktop with a 24" display and a 64bit 1.4 GHz processor with a server equipped with 128 Sun CPUs that works with Maya ".

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