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For the Galaxy S4 with brand 3 released update to Android 4.3

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After updating the Galaxy S4 to Android 4.3 already released for Vodafone, Tim and others branded devices, finally today Samsung has also released the update for the branded "3", the last in chronological order with the available firmware: I9505XXUEMKF.

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<p>It is already possible to update the<strong>Samsung Galaxy S4</strong> both through the mode <strong>Kies</strong> that <strong>Ota</strong>, but for the latter it may take a few days before the update appears on the smartphone.</p>
<p>Recall the following:</p>
<li>the update will not delete any data from the device;</li>
<li>for those who intend to update with the Kies method, this must be done with the latest version Kies 3.0;</li>
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