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For DXOMark iPhone 11 Pro is first for video quality, third in the photos

For DXOMark iPhone 11 Pro is first for video quality, third in the photos

Many feared an intermediate 2019 iPhone generation, before the total design change with iPhone 5G 2020, in fact Apple has churned out iPhone 11 with advanced and high-quality photo features, greatly improved over even to the immediately preceding iPhone 2018 generation.

Users and the market have implemented the changes by offering a warm welcome to the new terminals. Now the remarkable qualities in the field of photos and videos of the new iPhone 11 Pro are confirmed by another independent test carried out by the DXOMark laboratories, according to which iPhone 11 Pro is the best smartphone for video quality, while it ranks third in terms of photo quality. In recording movies, the excellent details captured both in highly illuminated and shaded areas are appreciated thanks to the HDR High Dynamic Range technology.

iphone 11 pro store milano icoInstead among the sore points the experts indicate some instability in the mapping of the tones for areas of the sky and also for the reflecting materials. The first position of the iPhone 11 Pro for video quality obtained on a par with Xiaomi Mi Note 10, a terminal that in China is marketed under the name Mi CC9 Pro.

For DXOMark iPhone 11 Pro first for video quality, third in the photosThe third position of the iPhone 11 Pro in photography comes behind Huawei Mate 30 Pro (first) and Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (second), two devices equipped with sensors with significantly higher megapixel resolutions than the Apple terminal, a possible result also thanks to Cupertino's Deep Fusion technology.

Experts praise the dynamic range and the amount of detail captured, the speed of auto-focus as well as the reduction of noise in the images, significantly improved even compared to the iPhone X range last year. Among the positive notes the quality results are reported with the photos taken with 1x and 2x zoom, even if the Apple terminal cannot reach the Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5x zoom.

As regards the bokeh effect according to DXOMark, the top-of-the-range Android devices on the market offer better results than the iPhone 11 Pro, highlighting some errors in depth calculations near the hair of the subject portrayed.

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