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For After Effects PC better than Mac

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Another head-to-head comparison between a Mac and a PC organized by the online magazine Digital Video Editing.

The newspaper, which in the past had been in the eye of the hurricane for some tests from which controversial victories of PC systems emerged on Macs, once again assigns the palm of the fastest computer in video editing tasks on After Effects to a machine with Windows .

Unlike in the past, this time for the face-to-face between the two computers it ends up with an outcome that is far from uncertain: the Wintel combination largely beats the Dual G4.

The benchmark consists of nine sets of scripts for Adobe After Effects and Photoshop for operations defined as "typical" for video editing; the machines, with the request to make the best possible systems available, were sent directly from Apple (a Power Mac Dual G4 at 1.25GHz with 1 GB of DDR RAM, a GeForce 4 Ti 4600 video card and an IBM Deskstar ATA HD- 100 120GB at 7200 RPM, OS X 10.2.1. Price: $ 3,589) and Dell (Dell Precision Workstation 350, 3.06 GHz PIV, Intel 850e chipset, 533MHz bus, ATI Fire GL E1 64MB video card, 1GB RAM PC1066, HD Western Digital 120GB 7200RPM ATA-100, Windows XP Professional. Price: $ 2964).

The Dell wins across the board, and in several cases almost double the Mac, even if it costs $ 629 less: an After Effects project that completes in two hours on the Mac, is completed in an hour and 10 minutes on the PC , and in addition the article highlights the excellent silent qualities of Dell.

In the run-up to the fastest system at least for this specific Apple task behind: will you be able to relaunch soon?

(By Marco Centofanti)