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Fmmini, FM transmitter for iPod nano 2G from Macally

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Fmmini, FM transmitter for iPod nano 2G from Macally | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Being able to bring iPod in the car and listen to all the music loaded on it a very nice convenience. It is a pity that not all car audio systems have a connection compatible with the Apple player. In these cases the most effective method is an FM transmitter like Macally's Fmmini.

Compatible with iPod nano 2G, the Fmmini will transmit the music signal in FM frequency, chosen between 88.1 Mhz to 107.9 Mhz. Then just tune in to the transmission frequency to listen to the songs broadcast by your player. Obviously the signal can be received not only in the car, but from any device equipped with FM radio.

Small in size, perfectly modeled on the silhouette of the second generation iPod nano, the Fmmini does not require its own power, using the battery of the player made in Cupertino.

Launch date and price have not been announced yet. Macally products in Italy are distributed by ADL and Ellessecom.

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