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FluxTunes: iTunes easier on iPhone and touch

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FluxTunes: iTunes easier on iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The perfect interface for iPhone OS to easily control even complex functions in the position most frequently taken by users: standing or sitting but above all standing still. So when you happen to quicken your pace for a small delay, run for sports, or even when we are focused on driving a vehicle, be it the bicycle or the car, touching precisely icons and buttons on the screen becomes decidedly more complex. The ingenious FluxTunes application solves this problem in one fell swoop, at least as regards the management of music playback functions in iPhone and touch.

Once installed and started, FluxTunes allows the user to perform numerous gestures using the entire useful surface of the iPhone and touch screen. To pause or resume the execution of the song, simply tap anywhere on the screen. To raise and lower the volume, simply swipe one finger up or down, starting from any position on the screen. FluxTunes offers as standard and already pre-configured a complete set of controls ready to use, we still remember for example the scrolling with one finger to the right or left to proceed to the next song or return to the previous one, two-finger scroll left or right instead to change playlists and many others.

To understand the functioning and usefulness of FluxTunes we report the YouTube demonstration movie made by the developers: the purchase on the App Store at 79 cents is highly recommended for those used to driving or doing other more or less delicate operations while listening to their favorite music.

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