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Flirtmoji, the emoticons for sexting

Flirtmoji, the emoticons for sexting

Designed by four Californian artists, they were judged too hard by Apple

Smilies were not enough to express anything in the chats, the animated stickers on Facebook were not enough with a lomino slamming his head against the wall to describe the emotional situation you are going through. No, now there are emoticons for the sexting.


The sexting that thing you do when you feel like staying in your pajamas at home. This usually takes place: one writes a series of unspeakable filthes, one orders oneself to put oneself like this, then turns like this, one draws from an album created a long time ago, one sends us photos that portray photos of skin and lingerie from unlikely angles taken in the almost semi-darkness, we don't even say I liked it at the end and then greet each other, ready for the next session.

The rules are that females can send photos of their private parts, males can't, because they make people laugh. Although some who have a lot of self-esteem insist and do the same, wrong (Weiner docet).

Sexting emoticons are called Flirtmoji. They come to us in a practice and downloadable app and I'm emoji with a sexual background. The app was created by four Californian artists and designers and contains a pleasantly heterogeneous spread of ethnicities and body shapes. You can choose from five categories: Teen dream, Toyland, Fetish 101, Hotel Suite, Party Time is BDSM.

They symbolize parts of the body, squirting, bondage, swinging, strap-on and many other practices that I could not decrypt. They are not very exciting, for they are fun. There is a tit with a planetary ring around it that looks like nothing more than a roof-planet. Now we need to understand how a roof-planet can excite someone, but this is my problem.

On their blog the creators of the app said that human beings have always been sexual creatures, now we are simply sexual creatures who own cell phones and wi-fi. Sextiamo. We send photos of our naked bodies. Let's watch porn and talk about it. But despite all this sexual activity, we get off our devices, the app stores for Android and iOS don't let you download sexual content.

So here we come to meet Flirtmoji, which unhinges the strict rules of the asexual world of Apple and offers us the possibility of doing sexting with the right symbols. Flirtmoji was considered too explicit for the Apple Store, so to download it you will have to go directly to the site (costs 0.99 cents ) .What are you waiting for?


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