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Flexibility, smart working and "contamination" of skills are the winning key of Based


The digital agency, led by Angelo De Caro, talks about his working model which continues even in this moment of national emergency.

based a reality Made in Italy which has been operating in the digital sector for over ten years, mainly collaborating with brands. At the base of the agency approach is the importance of finding the perfect balance between strategy, creativity and technology. Angelo De Caro, founder and CEO of Based, explains the reality of the agency better, how it is facing the situation today with its working group with a look also to the near future.


  • What does the agency do? What are the top activities?

Based offers as its core service the “strategic brand communication consultancy guiding the brand in the digital ecosystem. The activities are transversal and flexible to the objectives of the business and the brand, if I had to mention a few I would say: brand positioning, content strategy, social management, web development, digital marketing.

  • Do you have a new precise positioning in the digital field: what are the salient aspects?

We combine the technical and technological skills that accompany us from birth to creativity, to respond to marketing needs in a simple and functional way. We are convinced that creativity should never be an end in itself. The results obtained over the years have shown us that direct communication, which contains experimental analyzes and linear creativity, works. It works, in particular, for multinational companies with local headquarters in Italy: for these the flexibility and reactivity of Based are fundamental for the continuous comparison with the global contacts.

  • Italy is going through a difficult moment due to the coronavirus emergency, tell us how Based lived this period. Will you change your way of working in the coming months?

I smile for two reasons. The first that we are happy to glimpse a horizon and for the first time I have truly seen a nation united towards a single goal. The second reason that in Based we have always been used to being flexible and to mold ourselves, changing the teams in the structure, skills and way of working, to better adapt to the type or size of the individual project. Smart working was therefore not a surprise, we have always worked with a smart formula. We will not change the way we communicate, but the virus has brought out an important awareness for brands, including us. Those who had an online sales channel and who had invested in it, and in any case those most digitized and positioned consistently online, found themselves more ready to withstand the shock and divert their users on their digital channels. This opens up an opportunity for all businesses: for those who sell, but also for those who lead brands in this process of adaptation to the digital world.

  • Do you have two offices, one in Milan and the other in Naples, are there any specificities or specializations that distinguish the two offices?

We were born in Milan, but we also found it useful to have a pole in the south, in Naples. This allows us to offer space for collaboration with different talents, integrating skills and functionality present in our network and in the coworking areas that we provide.

  • Over the years you have gained experience in managing customers related to the Beauty sector. First of all: a case or a choice? Who are your main customers in this sector and what kind of activities do you do for them?

I must say that a case. When we started as a technological service for large media centers, we carried out tactical activities on social networks and technological development such as apps, websites, product finders, digital mirrors, contests etc. One of our first customers was Pupa Milan so in a single action Pupa gives you an enamel we got the enlargement of the Facebook community from 100 thousand to 300 thousand fans. Subsequently Pupa Milano commissioned us the mobile app, and continues to be our customer with more than a million fans. From that house, tactical activities followed Clinique, LOreal, Bionike, Estee Lauder, Darphin etc. Thanks to these experiences and the constant increase of internal skills, we then became the social agency of other important brands such as Rimmel and Max Factor, and we also left the beauty sector with customers such as Smartbox, Unibet is Carglass.

  • Why should a company or brand turn to you?

Because Based an interlocutor able to follow brand communication with a global vision, with an anti-serial and flexible approach. In addition, our in-depth knowledge of the digital world and the data it makes available, allows us to follow the positioning and activities of a brand on all channels.

  • Working in digital means being always up to date and knowing how to respond quickly to customer needs. What is your next goal?

The technological revolution has brought about profound changes, which affect not only the digital world, but more widely has changed the communication between individuals and societies. We are lucky to have this forma mentis from the beginning, because digital has always been our world: we are used to the transversal skills and we have a laboratory where we can compare and update ourselves continuously, where we invest in new resources and training.

Today we are, unfortunately, in a scenario modified by a global event that has affected everyone: even the brands that have found themselves unprepared and disoriented. But it is also true that attention has thus shifted to the importance of the use of technology and the ability to reorganize one's resources in a more flexible way: two aspects that we already knew very well. We would like to help these companies to have an effective communication system, with strategies more responsive to what external changes are, whatever they are.

Angelo De Caro, founder and CEO of Based

Angelo De Caro, founder and CEO of Based

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