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Flaw to iPhone power supplies?

Flaw to iPhone power supplies? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Is there a construction defect for the iPhone power supply? The question arises in the margins of the significant number of customers who in various American forums, including the Apple message board, complain about the 'death' of the accessory supplied with the mobile phone.

The problem manifests itself in a very simple way. After a few days of operation, the phone stops charging if it is connected to the wall power supply. And that the power supply itself is misfiring in the fact that using the same cable connected to the Mac the phone recharges regularly.

The bug, from what we learn, would tend to appear after a few days of use. In some cases, there is a simple malfunction with the power supply that goes a little bit and a little bit wrong. Apple has provided new power supplies to those who have contacted support by phone or have reported a power supply to an Apple Retail Store.

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