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Flash on the iPhone? It can be done with Gordon

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German developer Tobias Schneider has created Gordon, a software that allows you to view movies and Flash applications on the iPhone. The system is nothing more than an ingenious interpreter written in Javascript, a language supported virtually by any browser (Safari Mobile included) that allows you to run interactive elements on the pages, without requiring their refresh. Javascript widely used in Facebook, Gmail and thousands of other sites, but generally only used in its purest form, it has hardly been exploited as an interpreter of other languages.

Schneider married the Javascript functionality of the iPhone with the support of the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), a native open-source format, a competitor of Flash, supported by the iPhone but which has never managed to obtain the attention it deserves.

The only obstacle to the support of this interpreter that the Flash sites must include the "Gordon" code in the code of the pages loaded, since the application, in fact, is not a software that is downloaded from the App Store, but a piece of software executed being present within the web pages: only thanks to it, in fact, Safari for iPhone will be able to correctly render the pages.

The interpreter is still in a very preliminary phase and there are various incompatibilities and bugs to fix, but it is already very interesting and can be useful not only for Safari users but also for users of other browsers for mobile devices. At the moment Gordon only supports SWF 1.0, a format that can be used with all versions of Flash, including the standard version with CS4, but the developer is working to also support SWF 2.0.

The lack of Flash support on the iPhone is one of the most criticized functions, since it prevents the display of some websites. To date, it is still unclear whether Apple or Adobe is to blame for the lack of support. According to rumors around, Apple has no interest in supporting Flash, for security reasons but also because such functionality would decrease the need to resort to the App Store, for the execution of games and applications.

Some examples that use Gordon are visible at this address (try to verify them with your iPhone). (By Mauro Notarianni)