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Flash Hero, not the usual iPhone flash software

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Flash Hero, not the usual iPhone flash software –

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If you are looking for a system to improve your photos taken with iPhone, especially when they were taken in non-ideal light conditions, you have certainly already purchased an application and perhaps more than one, which replaces the use of the flash. You have probably also found that a good part of them are simply concerned with increasing the brightness of the image by using a filter that self-levels dark and brighter parts, often obtaining unsatisfactory results. Waiting for Apple to introduce a real "hardware" flash, an alternative solution to those previously tested could be Flash Hero, a new application by Asasa Software that has a different approach from that of some competing programs.

Flash Hero uses three different algorithms to improve an underexposed photo and not a simple filter. This allows you to choose three different settings; in addition to this the photos can also be manipulated in the flash effect to improve the quality and yield and to get as close as possible to the optimal light conditions.

Flash Hero can also be used on correctly exposed photos to improve its color and contrast rendering. Finally, a special effect is also available which transforms photos into black and white by applying a mask that makes them similar to artistic images; the filter useful when photos are really very problematic from the point of view of brightness, transforming a bad photo into an artistic photo.

Flash Hero, recently released in a new improved version, costs 79 cents

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