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Flash for iPhone, still to be defined

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Flash on iPhone? Don't hold your breath. This is the advice that could be read behind some statements released today by Adobe on the sidelines of the development of the software for the Apple phone. The task of opening the tap of the frozen shower of the San Jos company press office to which a statement is attributed from various sites from which it is difficult to draw the certainties attributed to the speech of Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe, from which it seemed to be able to draw a real official announcement for the porting of Flash on the Apple mobile platform.

"We have examined the SDK – says Adobe – and we can say that we could begin to develop a version of Flash Player for iPhone. But to give the complete Flash experience we need to work with Apple to go above and beyond what is allowed by the SDK and the license connected to it. " Words that sound unclear only to those who do not know what happened to Sun and the labor of the Java Virtual Machine. As happened to the creators of the JVM, Adobe also seems to have clashed with the restrictions imposed by the Kit development agreement. Flash, in fact, a real plug in which in turn executes a sort of code and as such prohibited by the SDK.

As C / Net notes, which has collected various information on this, in order to develop a Flash client for iPhone, Adobe needs three basic steps: accessing the code to create a version for iPhone, respecting the license required by the code and being able to distribute the flash client through the App Store. Of these three conditions, at this point, only the first one has certainly been respected; the other two still seem to be entirely sub-judice and still depend on Apple's choices and decisions. In short, Adobe, even if it wanted to, could not simply create a version of Flash and distribute it to Apple's customers.

On balance, therefore, the real step forward in the declared interest of Adobe for a version of Flash for iPhone and in its intention, this safe because it is made explicit by its CEO, to want to sensitize Apple on the matter. Certainly not a little, given the relationships that bind the two companies, but not even the turning point that many read in the words pronounced yesterday by Narayen, during a meeting with analysts.